Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Puff Wheat

Remember Puff Wheat? It was the breakfast cereal that was affordable. I am eating puff wheat these days. Makes for a nice snack. I have become disillusioned with the whole health food thing in fighting cancer. Every person I know of in my community, and beyond, that has beat cancer has done so apart from a rigorous health food regime. Ever person, including myself, that has fought cancer with diet as a major alternative is still dealing with cancer or has died.
So I am eating puff wheat. I think it is technically called puffed wheat. It's just wheat that has been puffed. It's like popped corn, except popped wheat.
Next week I might eat chips. I no longer trust that food is going to get me healed of cancer. I no longer place my hope in foods.
Today as I was sitting getting chemo there was a person sitting a few seats over who was talking with the dietitian about foods, about alkaline levels in the body, about sugar and how it apparently feeds cancer, about milk being good or bad or red meat or pink meat or sardines or beans or... and so it went, and I thought, yep, we were there about 15 months ago. And now, what I have learned in the past year or so.....
Hang on while I scoop another tablespoon of puffed wheat....
Hmmm, I took 2 spoons full! Tastes great!
About food I have peace.
Yep, the internet is full of sites where people "claim", and that's the key word, they make claims that asparagus has healed them of cancer. Others say baking soda with syrup. Cottage cheese with flax oil. Lemons. Live foods. Raw foods. One site says we should only eat raw food, and nothing that comes from something that has a head. After all, which animal have you ever seen cook its meal? And to that I ask, which animal have you ever see live to be 85 years old? I know many individuals in this region who eat like they did prior to their cancer experience, and they are still cancer free. Muffins, doughnuts, white biscuits. Biscuits and gravy. Gravy and potatoes.
My heart went out to that person today at cancer care. I felt like telling him, enjoy life and eat for pleasure!
The treatments are harder on me than I thought they would be. I thought I would just breeze through this regiment, but it is not that way. They pump me so full of ben-a-drill that I am zonked out by the end of treatment. I am taking some drugs I got from Melvin Friesen that the doctors don't know about (what they don't know they can't warn me about) but these drugs are legal and everything, and I don't have to inhale anything in taking them, their long-term use have side-effects that I want no part of. They do make me feel uppity up and strong, but these drugs eventually can severely weaken my legs so that I might have to use a walker.
To much puff wheat might eventually bring about such side-effects also! Who knows!
So I have to be cautious and discerning on how much I really need. I can notice that when I come off these drugs, I certainly sense my legs are weaker.
But in general the treatments are not so hard on me as the others were. For that I am very grateful.
But soon the battle will be over.
Then I will chuckle with holy joy.
This night I was quite bothered by the itch. Finally at 4:30 am I got up and studied. One of my personal projects is working through the text of 1 John, and composing a commentary on the text. I still have a vision of being able to teach a Bible study after the semester is completed at Prov Sem. I would so love to do this, but we will see how it turns out. I have spent about 6-8 hours on just trying to figure out what 1 John1:1a means- "what was from the beginning." I think I finally got it. I am looking at the text primarily through my own eyes as directed by the Holy Spirit. In other words, I am not chained to commentaries. I want to find out the truth through the Holy Spirit's direction, not from what others have said.
Anyways, I had a great time with that for about 2 hours this morning before breakfast.
So there was good reason why I was so bushed.
Anyhows, thanks so much for your prayers. They are so very deeply appreciated.
There are times when I really have a difficult time praying. I don't know how to pray at times. At times I wish I could have a good crying spell, but I am not sure what I am to cry about.
Thanks for praying! Thanks so much! Please don't stop. Thanks!

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