Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Treatment Begins

This afternoon I received a call from Boundary Trails Health Center in Winkler (where they say rebuzzen instead of just rebuzze). Julia and I have been to Winkler so often that we might soon also place the "n" and the end of our low German words. I still don't know why Winkler doesn't have a Safeway or two Tim Horton's! Anyways, treatment on the new regime is scheduled to start next Tuesday, March 22. I don't expect Vic Toews to be there for the ribbon cutting but your prayers would be more appreciated anyways. The procedure is typically easy on most patients, but as our cousin said to us yesterday, "Each person is different!" We got a chuckle at that one. Everyone is different just means we hope for your best but it could turn out for the worse.
We are trusting God for His intervention, and His will will be done. Is it not so relaxing not to have to fight with God and not having to repeat senseless mantras in seeking to woo His favor? I am relaxed! God sees the big picture and He will do with me exactly what He wishes, and because He is a good, kind, loving God, I trust Him fully that He is in charge.
The Bible refers to Christians as sheep.  Sheep follow. Sheep do not tell the Master where the cradle of the cat's at. We follow. We do not lead the Shepherd, we follow the Shepherd. We follow, and we shall not want. Why? Because where He leads us, He will supply for us.
I have no desire to be healed if that is going to screw up God's grand design. I am a pawn on His chess board. Move me to the place where You Lord are most glorified.
Have a good day, eh!

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