Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Monologue on John 8

I trust you all had a very good weekend. We at Pleasant Valley EMC had a truly moving monologue by Cindy Schultz that focused on John 8, the woman caught in the very act of adultery. We were all given a chance to take a stone at the beginning of the service, and then we were presented with the opportunity to get rid of our stone which signified an issue we liked to throw rocks at in condemnation of a person's sin. In this we were acting like the self-righteous accusers of John 8, when they dropped their rocks knowing they also were guilty of sin, and in dropping our rocks, we heard the thud of God's grace as our granite hit the floor. It truly was moving to see so many people respond in this act of faith.
Somehow one can get to a website and listen to a service from PV, but it's more complicated then the protocol Duane Rempel follows in Road King bug removal..
And then there is Tuesday.
That is the day the new Cetuximab treatment begins at Boundary Trails Health Center in Winkler.
So many of you have come and personally expressed how you are praying for us.
We cherish your prayers!
Just a tip for you who read these blogs, but are to shy to respond to them. That's ok. If you would rather just drop me an email so only I can read it, go for it.
Currently, I think I am doing quite well. This past week I was not nearly as tired as the previous week. I realize that I have to monitor my eating intake as yesterday I overate on BBQ Ribs at friends' place, and so this past night I heard the hourly chimes of the imaginary cucko clock.
I have peace. I am mostly not depressed. Seldom actually am I really down. I know I am getting closer to heaven, and I can't wait to go. My next big trip will be to get the keys to my Heavenly Mansion. The Mansion Builder is building for me a mansion. It will make a house on Wellington Crescent look like a cardboard shack stuccoed with old dentures. And I don't think I will need central vac! I won't need to repaint anything, or redo the flooring. After all, how fitting that the Master Builder was a Carpenter at one time in His life. I start to chuckle in glee when I think of going to my Mansion in Glory. One thing is for sure, I will have a great view of the Throne of my God YAHWEH!
I don't think I am far from going! Naw, don't try to talk me out of it. I want to go. I am ready to go. Come, Lord Jesus, come! Come tonight! Ya, come tonight, Lord Jesus!


  1. Hi Chuck,
    It seems more of an effort to get to read your blogs than it was to read your emails. Somehow your emails just leaped off the page when I'd open my email in box. Now I have to go looking for it. But that's OK; I'm just by nature quite lazy!
    I was moved by your reference to your eternal mansion to which you say you are getting closer. And how the possessions here become quite incidental in light of the eternal mansion waiting for each of us. I don't want you to go at this point but I know I need to release you. I appreciate your attitude of total relaxation in God's will for you. We all need to have that attitude, whether we are well or not.
    Elvira and I have a new orientation re. home as well. Last Saturday the house we are renting was suddenly sold from under us. We have 90 days to find a place to live. We had been in this house for exactly a year and I think we literally thanked God every day for providing this place for us. Basically it was everything we need in a house. It also caused me to realize that our home here on earth is very temporary. Our society emphasizes security, own your own home, etc. But that is not really the profile of a PILGRIM. We are just passing through. How we need to be reminded of that in a society that urges us to be normal, to settle down, to pile up wealth for retirement. etc.
    Chuck, we continue to pray for you and pull for you. Tomorrow your treatment begins and we will pray for you for that. God is good and His promise of supplying all our needs still holds.
    Warm greetings to Julia. You guys are very special to us. After all, your entrusted us with being your chaperones for your homeymoon!! Fond memories.

  2. Thanks Elmer, and some 5 plus years later Julia and I are still doing well together. She is such a great support.Without her this would be a different ball game for sure.
    I am sad for you that you have to go out and hunt for a house again to make your home. That is not so much fun, and then comes the moving. Once I am in my Mansion in glory, I don't think I will ever need to move again. I will have a permanent address forever. No moving boxes in heaven, that's for sure.
    We pray for you!