Wednesday, March 23, 2011

First Round of Treatment

Yesterday was the first treatment on this new regime called Ceteximab or something like it. I had no bad reactions to it. I had no complications, no bad side-effects, no heightened sex drive. Each round of treatments, and there will be 8 of these treatments each week for 8 weeks, begins with a CT Scan so they can get a baseline to see where things are at. Like taking a measurement before one does the Charles Atlas course and then taking them after to see if the gains, or lack of them qualifies you to get your money back. The CT Scan of a week ago showed that between January and last Thursday, a period when for about 8 weeks I had no treatment of any kind, the tumors in the liver were growing. I asked the doc if the cancer was wildly out of control. That is not the case, he replied. But the cancer showed growth. There is no spreading of the cancer to other organs. So that is positive. There were some more lymph nodes that seemed infected, but that's just lymph nodes. I got more of those.
It did not surprise me. I can feel the cancer has grown.
Too negative?
Sorry, that is where it's at.
Treatment yesterday, as I said, had no complications. I slept well in the night. I am still coping with itchy spots. The doc said that has nothing to do with cancer. Itchiness does occur when a person gets jaundiced but that I am not.
There is not much to say really. We just keep going on. I know that at the end of this mud road is a street of gold. Hammer down.
Thanks for all your prayers!!

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