Thursday, March 24, 2011

High on Drugs

This morning I had had enough of this fatigue and crap. So I took some steroids. Dexmethesome or something like it. Has nothing to do with meth, at least not that I know of. I got these pills from Melvin Friesen. Sure, why not swap medication? After all, he gave them to me. I can still see value when I see value. So I took one this morning, and it worked. At least, I had energy.
Hey if drug users can share needles, cancer patients should be able to share medication.
It's just drugs, and you know, they have a drug should this drug from Melvin give me adverse side effects. They would just give me another drug.
Besides, Mel does not need these pills anymore, so let's see if I can use them. It's called recycling.
I did have a good day of good energy, and a fabulous, fantasticanus, marvelous visit with my adviser at Prov Sem. I shall write about that soon.
I had a busy day, and I thank Jesus for the energy I was given today to accomplish my work.
You may chuckle at this, but I think I will take one of Mel's pills tomorrow again.
You have any pills you don't need anymore?
Sorry, not interesting in your expired viagra.
And thanks for your prayers.


  1. I read your blog quite regularly but missed a couple of days so today is catch up time. Just want to tell you that I love you and Julie. We are pray for you often. Love Viola

  2. Thanks Viola! Julia and I cherish your prayers. God richly bless you!