Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Day without Gut Aches

This day was the first day in quite some time where I did not have such a bloated gut ache. There are days when my gut just seems to want to explode with pressure. A typical day starts off with being hungry in the morning and having a good breakfast which is usually the start of the gut getting "full." A mid-morning snack followed by a modest lunch just increases the bloated feeling. By supper it is a struggle to just eat something.
Today was different. I never had that debilitating bloated gut ache syndrome that has been so typical of late. I took some digestive aid herb pills at each meal today. Maybe that is the ticket! Whatever, I am thankful to my Lord Jesus that I could enjoy each meal today without the discomfort.
I still have no word about the next chemo treatment whether that is a go or not. In the meantime, I went for a consultation at a naturopath doctor. She did a battery of tests all which indicated proper bodily functions were still happening. Even my weight was up a little since the last time I was weighed. That made me chuckle. My next visit is the coming week, and she will present what she thinks is the best treatment plan for me.
Anyways, there is a bit of a personal note informing you of how my health is doing.
Again, a huge thanks to all who pray for Julia and me. God bless you so much for your support.

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