Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday's Victory

Thank-you for all your prayers concerning my preaching assignment on Sunday- yesterday. Your prayers were all answered. I am so blessed to have such a prayer base behind me. Julia and I extend our deepest thanks. It was definitely the prayers of the people the helped me through the sermon, and this includes the preparation time. I hope people realize the real battle in sermon work occurs during preparation time. Anyways, to God be the total glory.
Perkaset, no idea how to spell that, is a pain killer drug recommended to by Melvin Friesen. And it works, but differently for me than for others- at least so it seems. It is a narcotic painkiller, but for me it seems to be a perker upper. I have used it before to take away pain, and it simply perks me up and helps me fly through the day. Side-effects? I have not noticed any yet. Anyways, I have taken perkaset before key events that I really want to be at. Last Sunday was a classic example as I so very much wanted to be at a baptismal lunch celebration for some friends of ours who had 2 of their children the were baptized. It worked! I breezed through the afternoon celebrations without a problem. Praise God for a drug like perkaset. Bottle says warning may cause drozziness and dizziness. Does not seem to affect me that way.
Anyways the next sermon is scheduled for June 26. I am asked the prayer band to start praying again as I prepare for that. I love preaching, but I don't like choosing topics.
This past Sunday's sermon notes can be found under Sermons, Writings and other Composition on the right hand side of the blog. Just click on the little picture and the takes you to the library where all my other writings are posted for anyone to read.
Thanks for your prayers.

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