Monday, June 20, 2011

A Sunday Surprise

There are many times when the Lord does more than we ask of Him.
First, thanks so much for your prayers as I went riding on the Morris Youth for Christ Bike Fund Rasing Ride. I had energy, strength, stamina, a good appetite so I could enjoy the tasty foods, safety and a super time of fellowshipping with other bikers who love God more than Hogs. And the weather was unbeatable. One could not have asked for a better day of clear skies, calm winds and warm temps. It was perfect. All praise and thanks to God our Creator Lord and King.
Having about emptied the tank on Saturday's ride, I was not expecting Sunday to be a stellar day, but God gave me a nice surprise. I felt pretty good on Sunday. Stephanie (my niece) invited Jule and I to her Father's Day BBQ, and it was a really very special time together. Thanks so much, Stephanie. In spite of how I pushed myself on Saturday, Sunday turned out fantastic. What a blessing to have a family behind one in such times as these.
Tomorrow we have another DA (doc apptment) and I will ask about the fluid in the legs. I will not be surprised if they admit me for a night or two to see if they can get the swelling down. But we will see what they will do with me.
Thanks for your prayers.


  1. This was my prayer the whole week before the ride...and when i called to ask if you were able to ride, I was so encouraged to hear from Julia that you made the trek for YFC, and then she did say that you were possibly paying for a busy weekend, but I did a great big fist pump in the air when I hear the good news. Oh how I wished that I could have hijacked Rude The Dude's Yammer to join you on the ride! That day after Julia told me the news, I happened to be driving into New Jersey and passed the Harley shop off the I 95 (Right by a Hampton Inn) - i believe you have been there was on the borders of the Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania state lines...I rolled my window down and yelled.."My Uncle Drives a Hawg...American Made!"

    I will be in Ontario the week of July 4th, and I so remember having lunch with you at that shady truck stop in Grimsby on one of my trips...I will for old times sake stop there, have a cup of trucker coffee...and attempt to have lunch with a lonely trucker...I would love to share your story with whomever will be there...but moreover, I will also like to share, the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ...something i know you would not hesitate to do.

    In the trenches,


  2. Ah Curt, those are memories hard to forget. O I cherish those times and I miss those rare opportunities when God's fate brought us together halfway across the country to the centre of the universe. I encourage you to sit across the table from a truck driver. I know God will direct you to the right person, Curt.