Friday, July 1, 2011

God is Love

Searching thru the scripture last night I asked God to show me a verse. I was down, and I was in need of a boast. I am not coming off a grand week, but a week of continuing weakness, fatigue and loss of power physically. This past week Julia and I were going to go to Winnipeg with motorcycle. We needed gas so we stopped in town here for gas. As I rolled away from the gas pumps, the bike came to a stop, and then it leaned just a bit to far and down it went onto the pavement. Since I was at a standstill to begin with, nothing happened to the bike, but inside I knew my bikings days are coming to a close.
 What hurts now so much is how people plan for vacations, camping trips, holidays, and all that kind of stuff that is nothing wrong with, but things we probably are done with. I cannot foresee myself going on vacation and actually enjoying it. I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty about going on their trips and vacation. Enjoy them, my friends! Enjoy the times with family and God's great outdoors. My time is coming soon, and I will camp with my Dad and Bathsheba, and David and Moses and we will have a blast. I will be with Jesus of my Salvation, and worship Him. What joy awaits me.
The verse God showed me was 1 Peter 1:14
I have now attached the message I preached June 26 at RFC. To get to it, just go to the "Heavier Readings" part, click onto the subsrib icon and you should find the sermon.
Thanks for your prayers.
Thank-you very much!

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