Monday, July 18, 2011


Julia and I ehave really enjoyed participating in the ABS of Touring, and HOG game where riders find a city, and county beginning with each letter of the alphabet. There are other spots to aim for as well: National Parks, Natural Forests, Countries, and so forth. It gave us a destination, and kind of a motivation to ride.To accomplish a high number, for us it meant going on a trip of some kind. In the summer of 2008, Julia and I started out for central Iowa. That was our turn about point. The ride began on a Friday to Grand Forks to watch the World Of Outlaws Sprint  racing.
We met some friends in Grand Forks who were on a shopping spree. Saturday we awoke to solid cloudy skies wiht rain a coming down. We had breakfast hoping the rain would pass. No passing on this rain!.The long and short of it is it never stopped raining that whole day. Yes, we did browse around in one of those lady estrogen craft stores at which time it looked like the rain would pass. It did stop raining for us to get out of our rain gear. We simply threw the gear over the seat and went to shop. Half and hour later I took a peak outside, and sure enough, it was raining.
At times it just poured rain; at one fuel stop it rained so hard it looked like snow drifting across the parking lot. We had rain all day, and my Harley Davidson brand rain gear kept me dry as could be.
And we got many ABC pictures, enduring the torrential down pours. I tell you when we finally hit Alexander, MN it stopped raining, and we settled in for the night.
Life is full of torrential rain. At times they seem more like hurricances and typhons. The idea is to set your mind into a state where we have decided that nothing will get us defeated and put us into a state of despair. We make up our minds we are going to conquer this rain. Here is a wonderful verse from Isaiah 50:7 that speaks exactly to this situation.
For the Lord GOD helps Me,
Therefore, I am not disgraced;
Therefore, I have set My face like flint,
And I know that I shall not be ashamed.
Yes, dear readers, I know this is a prophecy about Jesus facing the cross, but it is for us to read and follow Christ's example.Dear precious reader friend. The key to that verse is For the Lord GOD helps Me. And He will never leave you. Come to Jesus in faith my friend, and experience His helping hands. We sure felt His care this weekend. I will try to bolg about that next time as this post has become long enough.
Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks so very much!
He is answering your requests.


  1. Dearest Chuck.... I So enjoy reading your blog. I wanted to tell you that I often laugh out loud when I remember the times you rented our shop...I often heard you hooting and hollering when you dropped a tool or Belle would be barking at you and you would be talking to her expecting her to understand whatever it was you were trying to tell her...or sometimes you would be singing....I miss that. Just wanted you to know. I am sad that I don't see you driving by my house with your bike when the sun is shining...and I am sad that you have to go through this physical pain and emotional pain of the cancer that has taken over your body. Bob and I pray for you and Julia every day...and I just wanted you to know that. Your blogs have been gifts to our souls...thank you for that.. xoxo ~Judy

  2. Chuck, although i've not read every one of your blog posts, when I do, they always make me smile, or challenge me, or bring me to my knees. Would that make you a prophet? ;-)
    On a different note, I've thought lately about how i used to encounter you in the old Rosenort High School gym way back in the day. Nobody could match your intensity and focus, and very few people in your category could throw around the weight you did. You've always inspired me with whole-hearted engagement of whatever you do, whether that was your fitness or your faith.
    Anyways, you guys are regularly in my prayers and I know we will always be friends and I know Chuck, that we'll have many hours of catching up to do. The catching up didn't work out at the gathering on Saturday but I know that God had other appointments for you guys and for me that day. I know I was blessed and I hope the gathering was a blessing for you both. You guys are deeply loved by the Friesen clan (although i must confess I can't read everyone's mind ;-) )
    Wishing you God's deepest peace, Darrell (Friesen that is!)

  3. Thanks for your response. We have a fantastic family Darrell. Judy, you stirred up lots of super memories. Thanks guys