Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ups and Downs and Ups

Greetings from hot Manitoba!
I want to give you all a short summary of my weekend. Last week was marked by much fatigue and being tired. Friday Wally and Dominic came to Rosenort from Alberta for the weekend. We had family supper that evening and my prayer was for energy to make it to that gathering. PRAISE GOD HE GAVE ME THE STRENGTH TO GO!!!!
Saturday was another big day as the extended Friesen Family had a get-together. And I rested up for that and again God supplied the energy to attend. Thanks to God!
Sunday was the biggy. I wanted to attend church, which we did, and I so very much wanted to attend the Goldeyes's game. Our friends Dust and Tam Waldner had a suite and so I really wanted to go. Praise God, again He filled me with the strength to attend. The Suite saved the day. Even though I fought with fatigue, God was there to help.
What a wonderful God!
Thank-you for answering my prayers, Lord.
Thank you for praying, dear friends.

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  1. To my dear friend Charles
    I am writing to you a short time after your passing.
    Have you had all of your matters of philosophy, academia, and Christianity questions answered yet by our heavenly father already? Or, did Jesus have to take a time-out/break before you got to the end? I know, you and I, my dear friend, have talked for hours about these matters – each trying to persuade the other, even if just a little to our particular persuasion. But, now you have the ultimate in teachers to answer these questions that you and I could not figure out all of these years – I am very envious of you for having that resource at your disposal.
    Our shared love for academics, in the disciplines of Psychology for you, and Sociology for me kept both of us on our intellectual toes. Though we saw human behavior from different perspectives, much of our logic and thoughts ran together in terms of wanting to understand human behavior in the aggregate. Words cannot express how much I will miss our conversation, and the way you took me along side to gently correct, at times not so much, my flawed logic and weak conclusions. And you would encourage me to improve in the areas of reading, research, and statistics records.
    I dance with you my dear friend that your suffering with Cancer is over – it is the farewell, or good-by, that gives me pause to well up with tears. it is also the fact that we cannot share thoughts and concepts with each other anymore. I do have very fond memories of the time you and I lived together in your River Road home. The trips to Silvan lake I took to visit you, the times you stayed at my home in Blumenort when you where in Manitoba for the weekend, and the times I grilled steak for you and Julia. I will continue to look in from time to time, and grill steak for her – I trust that will be alright with you?
    Send me an email every now and then, if you’re not too busy with the great thinkers up there, and Jesus.
    Your dear friend and brother
    p.s. Try and not get published again, before I do….