Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some Hope (Rev Ed)

There was some hope expressed today at the Cancer Care Center Post (CCCP) in Winkler. The CCCP said that the facial blotches of ache and sores is an indication that the Cetexamub treatment is working. That is what Cancer Care Cemtral Prescriptions (CCCP) in Winnipeg has said is the case. So the zits on my face are a good thing. Nothing that a nice Scheck 5 blader razor can't scrape off.
Treatment went well, except for some moments of really bad itchyness. I am hoping my body will adjust and be able to fight off that itchyness. Doc Bob gave me a prescription to assist in dealing with itch. Julia looked up itch remedies on the internet, and while there are no posted prescriptions she found that involved sitting on dung heap with a broken piece of pottery to scrape myself. Well, we are going to try sitting in the bath tub with oatmeal.
Wonder if Melvin Friesen has any pills that would work?
However, all seriousness aside, I have a renewed sense of optimism in that if it really takes a face like mine to indicate that the Cetexamub is working then bring on the zits en leben on der gezecht (the zits in life on the face)!
To complicate matters, Julia and I went to the Gingerwood Tea House in Winkler and we each had a dessert. That tasted good. Yes, I am eating sweets again. I want to live with joy. I am disillusioned with the health kicks. But I shall be careful.
Anyhow, I thank you for your prayers.
Oh, did you know anyhow was Gordie Howe's sister?
Thanks Al.

By the way, the current plan of the treatment calls for 8 weeks of weekly treatment. This is, according to the Winkler oncologist, the loading phase of this regime. After the 8 weeks of loading are completed, the treatment is reduced to either every  two weeks or perhaps even every three weeks. So again, there is some hope and something to shoot for. I did not take a single anti-nausea pill last treatment cycle, and I had virtually no nausea to deal with at all. If there are any side effects of this treatment, it would be the zits on my face, a little more likely to get sore muscles (especially in my lower back), itchy skin, and that's about it. Anyways, I thank God that He is blessing us with His love, His hope, His joy, and His comfort.
I really do feel quite good. My sleep is not what it used to be, but neither is my clean and jerk. Gordie Howe's sister, have a good day.
Thanks for your prayers.


  1. My Uncle...my counsel.
    In doing my research on my latest piece of literature, I was inspired by you to look into the world of Power Lifting....in fact in your trials, you have been a LIFTER, not a LEANER. I think you pass on a great message to all of us the true meaning of a POWER LIFTER!
    You have eliminated your STICKING POINT - the point in which a lifter fails his motion of the lift....you have broken through.
    You know the meaning of decreasing your LOCK OUT - this is the last few inches that a LIFTER needs to pass in order to achieve their goal of a full deadlift....you always push past the lock out.
    You can be encouraged that you have many Deadlift Jacks at your side - Deadlift jacks are used to prop up the weight to make loading and unloading the weight easier....there are many of us praying, and you have the support of Deadlift Jacks all around you!

    Although Chuck Friesen is associated with his love and admiration of the American Motorcycle....I remember my Uncle Chuck for the massive amounts of Protein Powder, and your ability of the CLEAN JERK!

    Although their may be an NFL lockout....Linebackers are still at work with you.

    In the Trenches,


  2. Any comment juxtaposed to yours makes mine look impotent. Fine, fine words you spoke, Curt- as always. Thanks. You fire my cylinders, man! Thanks so much!