Thursday, April 7, 2011

Better Days Ahead

Today was not one of those days. Fatigue set in today. I hardy even have ambition to do this. But I have to do something. I feel like deleting this already. I lay around most of the day, just too tired to do anything. And I have a paper to write for my Seminary class. One more paper. I suppose it will get done. My life is currently characterized by trying to be comfortable. If it's not the itch, the skin rash, the sore back, the bulging liver, it's just trying to keep the head up and the spirits high.
Maybe I should not have written anything today, but here is how I felt today.
Thanks for your prayers.
Thanks for your interest.
Thanks for being there for us.
Thanks for praying.


  1. Love you Chuck and Julia! We are praying for you.
    We love you Great God, Beautiful Jesus and Sweet Holy Spirit. Would you please shower down your love, grace and communion on these two people that you love so completely. Let them feel your tangible presence this day and the peace that only You can give. Thank you Father, thank you Son and thank you Holy Spirit. You are awesome!!
    Roy and Viola

  2. Hey man. I ever tell you about the time I fell through your deck at your River Rd home, at my bachelor party - well I did - right to the ground. You where on the truck, me and a bunch of mis-fits shared a 6 pack, listened to CFAM, and bbqed. Ask for an extension on the paper - I've done it, and it works.... DW

  3. And thank you Chuck! Love you brother!

  4. Go to youtube and listen to Robin Mark's song "All is well with my soul, He is God, in control. I know not all His plans, but I know I'm in His hands." Yours and Julia's testimony of dependence on God in this cancer season completely blows me away and has given me more of a desire to follow hard after Him. The enemy is not happy that you are allowing cancer to be used to advance God's kingdom! Keep fighting, the battle is not yet over! TAM

  5. Yep Tam, we got that CD and the dry wall screws have loosened up on us on some evenings as loud as that has been played. Thanks for you comments, Tam.

  6. Thanks, Rick, love you pastor! Great lunch on Monday. I wa glad I stayed with you guys. Felt better after having spent lunch with that group.

  7. Roy and Viola, you guys keep sending such beautiful prayers. Thanks so much for your support. God bless you for it.

  8. Dust, I have heart that story about as often the re-run stories at truck-stops: just the names change. First I thought Fudd broke through and now you say you bust through that deck. The funny part is those break throughs did not keep people from coming back, and it made it a lot easier to tear the thing apart.
    Extensions are for cords. I will not need an extension. I got a sermon to prepare after this paper so I can't mess around with extensions.