Friday, May 13, 2011


Wednesday we had a prayer meeting where my Uncle Ken (Loewen) specifically prayed that God would have a surprise for us at the oncologist visit today. Uncle Ken, God showered us with many more surprises.
The surprises began this morning already.
Surprise- I had plenty of energy to bike to the church office on a very windy morning.
Surprise- Pastor Darren invited me to stay for coffee.
Surprise- He had actually prepared a very healthy coffee break of fruit and cheese.
Surprise- I had gotten information about a drug that my good friends in Rosenort had discovered on the internet. A drug used by a Chicago based clinic to treat cancer. It is FDA approved, and not just some internet scam sham like eating 1 lemon a day takes away cancer, or eating the white parts of your fingernails will treat cancer in some people, or sniffing pet hair toasted in a microwave will cure some cancers- you get the idea. The drug is available in Canada, and must have a doctor’s prescription. So I got Dr. Fraser to get me a prescript. My friends found a compound drug store that would make that prescription. I forgot to fax it, and so I called the drug store, in Whyte Ridge, and asked them on the phone if they would start mixing the drug (since I was informed it took a while to make it). Without me sending them a prescription, they started making the drug for me! Surprise, surprise, surprise….which other drug store would do that? Eventually we did scan the prescript and emailed to them.
Surprise- They said it would be ready late tomorrow- it was ready this afternoon.
Surprise- We got to Cancer Care Winnipeg where parking is like finding a vacant ant hole, but a lady pulled out, came running to us and gave us her ticket which still had well over an hour remaining on it! Surprise!
Surprise- I was to have a blood test, and I wanted them to include a magnesium test (which they had not included). I asked the nurse if she could add that. She said she was not supposed to do that, but she did it for me. Surprise!!
Surprise- And this is perhaps the biggest surprise. The tumors are still growing, but not nearly as much as I had suspected. That was a surprise! The tumors grew by about 13% and a 25% growth rate automatically cancels further treatment. The oncologist will have a meeting and decide if I qualify for further treatment. No, I am not worried about what they will say. I am ok either way.
Surprise- the cancer count numbers went down, but the tumors grew. How is that possible?
Surprise- This drug I was talking about before was known by the oncologist, and he had no issue with me taking it. Surprise!
Surprise- This drug had no harmful interactions with the cetexamub (the biological agent I am being treated with).
Surprise- The autopac rebate cheques were in the mail when we got home.
It was a good day of surprises. Thanks for your prayer, Uncle Ken. It did not get answered the way you prayed- God exceeded your request.
Many people were praying for us today. Thanks so very much.
We have mixed feelings. We keep trusting in the LORD JESUS.
My brother Eldon said if they give you any little hope, hang on to it.
We got a little hope today.
Praise to Him Who doeth all things well!

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