Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Plan of Salvation in the OT

Can anyone out there give me a quick summary of the Plan of Salvation According to the Old Testament? In other words, how did the Old Testament believers come to salvation? How were they saved? I am preaching on this June 5th at the Pleasant Valley Church. Yes, this is way over my head, but I am going to prepare for it. Perhaps I can learn it well enough to relate it to others.


  1. Blessings as you speak on OT salvation next week, Chuck! I sent you an email with a few musings.

  2. Salvation in the OT was by faith demonstrated through obedience...just as salvation in the NT functions. The difference is chronology and the revelation of the one in whom faith was placed. What was hidden in the OT was revealed in the NT in the person and work of our Lord Jesus the Christ. This would appear at least to be the Apostle Paul's reading of the OT (per the likes of Romans 4). :-)

  3. Thanks for your musings, Gord. I got them.
    Rick, your insights are always enlightening. What I am working on is the resolution of the two apparently dissonant viewpoints re the OT Law: The OT celebrates that Law again and again, while brother and apostle Paul does not seem to have such a celebratory appraisal of the Law. I need to find out why such a drastic dichotomy exists between Paul and the OT writers.